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Things To Avoid Wearing To The Gym

Do you know what they mean when they say "dress for success"? That isn't just about the workplace. What you bring to the gym has a direct impact on your performance. That decade-old sports bra or cotton T you've owned since middle school might make working out feel more difficult and potentially harm your body. Here's what you should get rid of as soon as possible from your training wardrobe: Makeup on the face It should go without stating, but makeup has a time and a place, and the fitness center is not one of them. When you sweat, oil and debris can accumulate under your makeup, causing discomfort and promoting acne outbreaks. As a result, you create a vicious cycle in which you use more cosmetics to conceal the flaws caused by makeup. Ugh. If your objective is to work out at the gym, go with a freshly cleansed face and nothing more than a little sunscreen. Clothes that are too baggy You don't want to conceal the physique, since your trainer or instructor ha