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Shirts Which Look Totally Happening With Sequin Leggings

While a pair of plain leggings is the ultimate clothing piece for casual wear, a sequin pair can add a little bit of style and glamor to your outfit. But when you are wearing such an eye-catching pair of pants, it can be difficult to figure out what top to wear with it. “Balancing your silhouette is the key”. However you also need to balance the amount of flash in your attire so that your shirt doesn’t go unnoticed competing with the high shine of your leggings. A respected leggings manufacturer comes with a great collection of stylish and chic leggings wholesale in UAE ! Given below are 4 kinds of shirts you can wear with your sequin leggings and look pretty. With a nice button-down Sequin leggings have a stunning, dressed up feel but teaming them with a polished button-down can help make them wearable during the day. Choosing a white button-down shirt with your leggings you can go for a classic look. You can try a richer color such as cobalt or cranberry if your leggings are a neutra