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How Sports Bras And Leggings Are Changing What It Means To Be A Contemporary Woman

Yoga pants, sports leggings Australia , crop tops, and sports bras can be found everywhere from the catwalk to cafés. COVID-19 increased the trend, with work-from-home opportunities fueling a recent rise in sales. However, the sportswear business has grown at an exponential rate during the last 10 years. While the apparel is designed for both men and women, the women's market has fuelled this amazing rise. The fad has been extensively applauded, criticized, ridiculed, and derided as the newest fashion trend in a culture preoccupied with ostentatious materialism. However, upon closer inspection, activewear plays an intriguing function in 21st-century gender identities, both confirming and opposing popular beliefs about femininity. Activewear is appealing because it is both comfortable and useful. However, it is also intended to physically mold the body into a socially attractive hourglass feminine shape. Leggings with a high waist that sits just above the navel are promoted as slimm