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For Every Wardrobe: Sustainable Leggings

  Leggings are typically one of the articles of apparel that customers discard. Leggings can soon lose their luster owing to damaged seams, fading of the cloth, or lack of stretchiness. Without convenient access to local recycling programs, many customers simply dump their old leggings in the garbage, which is subsequently disposed of or burnt.  As the popularity of leggings expanded in the 1960s and 1970s, so did the need for clothes in general. Globally, we currently use around 80 billion new articles of apparel each year, which is approximately 400% more than we did only two decades ago. Clothing is no longer lasting as long as it used to due to inferior quality fabrics being worn at a much faster rate, and pants and 'basics' constitute a significant part of the problem. We are currently disposing of clothing at an alarming rate. Every year, the average American creates 82 pounds of textile trash. This amounts to more than 11 million tonnes of textile waste from the Unite