Six Tips to Disguise The Leggings as Pants

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Perhaps no other garment divides people’s fashion opinion as much as a pair of leggings. Some people think these should never be worn as pants while some think that there’s nothing better in this world than a comfortable bottom wear. This not only creates a great relaxing wear that makes the silhouette very flattering, but it is also very easy to pack for traveling as well. In fact the upcoming autumn months to live your life in leggings as you can pair up any kind of top wear and accessories with it. Hence, don’t ever hesitate to pair the leggings like a pant, because it is all about looking classy in a stylish way. One of the popular leggings manufacturer USA is renowned for churning out quality checked pieces.

  1. Unless you have a taste for the bold and flamboyant, stay away from the shiny pieces that practically scream for attention. The otherwise matte ones are classy enough to be paired with different types of apparels.
  2. Avoid stilettoes at all costs if you want to appear trashy. Leggings are meant to be worn as a comfort wear hence there is no point being ironical here. Therefore, go for comfortable footwear like trainers, loafers or even converse shoes.
  3. Create a clever layer look without looking tacky. If you have a set of see through leggings that you don’t want to ditch, then wear a transparent oversized top or dress to make the attire opaque, in this way you smartly avoid the see-through disaster by looking chic and put up!
  4. If you want to wear your leggings as pants, then better stick to the full length ones. In this case, the cropped ones don’t work well as it makes the outfit look too casual. A pair of good quality full length neutral colored leggings would be appropriate enough for dinner with bae.
  5. It isn’t a good idea to wear skin tight from top to bottom as you wouldn’t want to look like a body paint artist. Opt for anything baggy for the top wear, in fact you can mix up different layers to create a voluminous look.
  6. Go for contrasting looks or create a completely monochromatic outfit. There’s nothing than disguising the leggings as pants than pairing it up with the right colored top wear especially if it is made up of fine detailing. Even accessories can help in elevating the value of the look hence the only key is to play the colors well.

Therefore, if you abide by the aforesaid tips, chances are that you’ll be wearing leggings to an event so effortlessly that no one would even recognize it. Retailers can get a variety of such pieces from wholesale workout leggings manufacturer by stating them their bulk needs.


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