What Are The Two Most Important Properties of Leggings

sublimation leggings

Leggings have been around for a long time, evolving from a 'utility' piece to a must-have luxury item. With more patterns, colors, and cloth options than you can shake a yoga mat at these days, a distinct style can attract as many Instagram comments as kittens as well as the Kardashians.

While single colors are still common, any pattern and image can now be found adorning legs that are busy squatting, leaning, biking, and twisting into every imaginable contortion, as well as those that are merely curled up on a comfortable couch.

If the styles and designs are mind-boggling in their diversity, so is the material used to make the sublimation leggings. Most of the well-known athletics/athleisure apparel brands have their own lines, mostly with remarkable fabrics that, upon closer inspection, are often polyester or nylon with lycra added for stretch and possibly a wicking feature. Stretch is needed for obvious reasons, as is wicking because both polyester and nylon are extracted from fossil fuels, and as we all know, water and oil do not mix.


Clothing made of natural fibers, such as cotton, wicks moisture away from the body, allowing sweat to evaporate. Sadly, with the stretch and form retention criteria of leggings, cotton isn't a perfect option by itself, which is why it's always combined with lycra. Shape-hugging leggings are not the same as baggier sweatpants and joggers.


Most people opt for squat-proof leggings, which means they a) should not turn semi-transparent when stretched and b) have solid enough seams to not break off at an embarrassing stage in a workout regimen!

To summarize, if you intend to work out in your leggings rather than just chill in them, look for a balance between those that just look fantastic and those that are made to perform. Of course, you'll still expect ethical production, which means:

Meticulously sourced fabrics and certified production

Strong stitching in all the right places

Sublimated printing, ideally cut-and-sew

A high-strength polyester-mix cloth for stretch and wicking

Business owners if you want to design your own leggings wholesale to impress your customers get in touch with a popular manufacturer and have a chat with their design team.

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