Why You Are Not Supposed To Put Your Workout Clothing Inside A Dryer

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There’s no better feeling than wearing your new pair of yoga pants or gym shirt. They are smooth, comfy, smell amazing as well as fit flawlessly. But somewhere down the line, things begin to wear down. Threads fall apart. The fit slackens off. The material seems to get worse. A lingering smell builds up.

This is not the usual life cycle for workout clothing, gym leggings, or any other active apparel.

These things begin to get worse as the care instructions are not being followed, which is a surprise to the majority of folks as they aren’t even informed their workout clothing has different care and washing instructions than their regular daily clothing.

Why Dryers Ruin Your Workout Clothing?

Dryers ruin your workout clothing in a couple of ways, through excessive friction and through excessive heat.

The heat from the dryers is amazing for drying your daily cotton clothing as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, polyester, spandex, and elastic lose their shape and form when exposed to the high temps of a dryer. This results in the clothes losing their stretching capability and shape over the period.

In addition to heat damage, dryers expose your clothing to lots of friction whilst tumbling. Since the polyester, spandex, and polyester found in your gym clothes are vulnerable to loose threads and pilling caused by too much friction, gym clothing must stay away from the dryer at all costs.

So What’s The Proper Way to Dry Workout Clothing?

Air drying your workout clothing, or any clothing that contains polyester, spandex, or elastic is the way to go. Drying racks make it particularly simple to air-dry clothing, but you could also just hang the clothing rather than lay them out and flip them every few hours. The majority of washing machines have a spin cycle at the end of the wash which takes away the majority of the retained water.

In addition to steering clear of the dryer, the second most essential tip for keeping your workout clothing looking and feeling brand new for as long as possible is to ensure you’re using the proper kind of laundry detergent.

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