Guide To Wearing Your Leggings The Stylish Way

As an active woman who spends most of her time in the gym, leggings must constitute a major part of your wardrobe staple. Despite wearing this stylish athleisure wear throughout the year, rookie errors at times happen in pairing it fashionably. These tips will enable you to know everything about selection and carrying of leggings. As a private label business owner wishing to revamp your women’s leggings section, it is your responsibility to get hold of a celebrated private label leggings manufacturer.

How to choose the right leggings?

You must keep in mind that leggings are not pants. If you don’t wear them correctly, you may end up with camel toe which is not an attractive thing really.


Leggings should neither be too tight nor too loose. Make sure that your chosen leggings fit you snugly without tracing the body shape. You may end up looking sloppy if they are too loose. Do ensure that you have the right measurements to purchase leggings that fit you properly or else you won’t look good in them.


Be it full length, 3/4th length, ankle length or knee length, leggings are quite popular as comfortable workout apparel. You can choose the length that suits you most for gym, yoga, hiking, running or travel. 


Though spandex and lycra are common choices for leggings fabric, leather and suede leggings are also interesting options you can explore. Pair stretchy and comfort-inducing leggings with your crop tops, tunics, flowing boho tops, capes or boots for a stylish look.


Initially, leggings were usually found in black, white and off-white colors. But through the passage of time, contemporary styles focussed on bright colors and contrasts to make leggings more color-popping and eye-catching. You can make your outfit more fun by pairing your vibrant leggings with suitable tops as long as your combination is not too garish or a complete mismatch.

Printed leggings

Printed leggings with striking prints can add a zing to your outfit if you dress them appropriately. If leggings are printed, your top needs to be plain or else your outfit will fall flat. You can contrast with bold and contrasting hues when it comes to printed leggings but better to keep the top monotone.

Workout leggings

Leggings choices are limitless when it revolves around workout leggings. Instead of sticking to sweats, maximum women now enjoy the comfort and display of various gym leggings that include seamless leggings, sublimated leggings, capris, fitness leggings and other varieties.

Being in the shoes of a business owner looking out for eye-popping gym leggings, you should collaborate with an acknowledged leggings supplier. Such an expansive and appealing leggings inventory can lend you stunning wholesale workout leggings at affordable prices.

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