Shirts Which Look Totally Happening With Sequin Leggings

While a pair of plain leggings is the ultimate clothing piece for casual wear, a sequin pair can add a little bit of style and glamor to your outfit. But when you are wearing such an eye-catching pair of pants, it can be difficult to figure out what top to wear with it. “Balancing your silhouette is the key”. However you also need to balance the amount of flash in your attire so that your shirt doesn’t go unnoticed competing with the high shine of your leggings.

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Given below are 4 kinds of shirts you can wear with your sequin leggings and look pretty.

With a nice button-down

Sequin leggings have a stunning, dressed up feel but teaming them with a polished button-down can help make them wearable during the day. Choosing a white button-down shirt with your leggings you can go for a classic look. You can try a richer color such as cobalt or cranberry if your leggings are a neutral shade like navy or black. Ensure that your button-down is long enough to cover your backside. Cinch the button down with a simple leather belt which will help define your waist if you find the shirt too oversized to flatter your figure.

Try sheer with sparkle

You may want a top with a little sex appeal when you are rocking your sequin leggings for an evening meet up. A sheer, long blouse is an ideal piece to team with the leggings as the delicate look of the sheer material creates a striking contrast with the textured, heavy look of the sequins. In order to keep yourself covered up, pair your sheer top with a long tank top or camisole. However, if you are feeling daring and your blouse is not exactly transparent then you can also wear it with just your bra underneath for a sexy, hot look.

Something about the tunics

A perfect option with leggings is a classic, tunic top because it has loose fit and it is long, creating a balanced silhouette with the tight-fitting pants. Go for a simple tunic so that the pants are the central point of the outfit when you are wearing sequin leggings. Ignore tops that have flashy embellishments like studs or beads. Settle for a tunic in a neutral color such as gray, white or black if your sequin leggings are a bold color like purple, cobalt or red. However, if your leggings are of neutral colored sequins then you can team them with a tunic in a bolder color such as turquoise or magenta.

Great with a sweater

You can also make sequined leggings more suitable for the day by pairing them with the ultimate in comfortable, casual wear like a cozy, nice sweater. But in order to ensure that your top is long enough to cover your backside while wearing tight leggings, go for a V-neck boyfriend styled sweater that has a slouchy, long fit to balance out the leggings and which will be an ideal option if you want to elongate your frame.

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