Leggings Colors You Should Never Wear

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The act of wearing leggings can be divisive at times, with ardent supporters pitted against those who believe the style is only suitable at home or in an exercise class. Whatever group you belong to, there are universal truths concerning some leggings colors that should be avoided at all costs. The three colors to avoid are listed below.


Dark charcoal designs are OK, but the milder end of the gray range should be avoided. The pale tint makes them unattractive in the same way that white pairs are, and they also risk becoming transparent, showing features of your undergarments the moment the cloth is stretched a little.

Skin Color

If someone from across the room thinks you're wearing no pants, that's a terrible sign. Avoid wearing leggings that are the same color as your skin.


With snowy-hued leggings, you can go wrong in a million different ways. To begin with, they will reveal any dirt in an instant. Furthermore, due to the thin jersey fabric, it is possible to view skin blemishes through them. Consider the following: If black is the ideal slimming hue, white is the polar opposite, making it a poor option for the skintight aesthetic.

Before you go out and buy more solid color leggings for your closet, read on for some pointers on when and how not to wear a pair of leggings.

Don't Combine Leggings with Bling

Leggings are an essential part of the athleisure outfit. However, adorning oneself with jewelry from head to toe will not make you appear stylish and attractive. In fact, it may have the opposite effect. While certain superstars may be able to carry off the iced-out hip-hop look on the red carpet, this style may not be comfortable or feasible in real life. When you want to wear leggings, avoid over-accessorizing by leaving the heavy chains, earrings, and flashy rings in your drawer.

Leggings should not be worn with a fancy top or a Party Dress

This is another outmoded appearance that harkens back to the 1990s grunge aesthetic. A gleaming top, a gorgeous shirt, or a baby doll dress just do not go with a pair of flexible, tight leggings. Avoid being overly daring with your look, as leggings are not sophisticated enough for dinner dates or other more formal occasions.

Wearing Leggings with a Bodysuit is not recommended

A bodysuit may be excessively tight and exposing to pair with tight and figure-hugging leggings. Combining these two outfits may result in an ugly camel toe, and you certainly don't want to be caught dead sporting such an unattractive appearance when out and about. Though this clothing combination is definitely comfy, you may want to reconsider wearing it out in public.

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